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Dexter Rural Fire District provides fire and emergency medical first response service to our area by utilizing a fleet of eight vehicles based out of our main station.

Engine 2121

2006 Freightliner/Central States Fire Apparatus

E2121 is a combination pumper/tender used as our first-out fire apparatus.  The engine also carries extrication tools and responds to motor vehicle accidents and rescue calls in the district.


Engine 2111

2003 Freightliner/Central States Fire Apparatus

E2111 is a conventional cab pumper used a reserve engine.


Tender 2115

2013 Freightliner/Deep South Fire Apparatus

TN2115 is the first-out water tender used to supply water to attack engines at fires that are outside of a hydranted area.


Squad 2128

2014 Ford F-250

S2128 is the first-out medical response vehicle for general medical aid calls.  It carries Intermediate Life Support Equipment as well as a light set of extrication tools.


Command 2110

2015 Ford F-250

C2110 is utilized by the fire chief as a quick response vehicle and mobile command vehicle for incidents.


Command 2127

2005 Chevrolet Tahoe

C2127 is a reserve command vehicle and used as a light vehicle for transporting personnel for emergency and non-emergency purposes.